Movie Review: Revenge of the Green Dragons

Movie Review: Revenge of the Green Dragons

28 Sep 2014

Jackie Chan meets The Godfather

Martin Scorsese's latest offering as executive producer takes a step away from his 2013 smash Wolf of Wall Street, while keeping the same gritty viewing fans have come to love.

Revenge of the Green Dragons tells the tale of brothers Sonny (Justin Chon) and Steven (Kevin Wu) who emigrate to a poverty stricken New York in the 1980s. In order to survive, the bothers join notorious Chinatown gang "The Green Dragons", a criminal organization that shows them the city's dark underworld. After one of the brothers falls in love with the wrong girl, the gang quickly turns on him, forcing the brothers to make a life changing decision.

This powerful New York crime drama is dark and gritty from the get-go, though has moments of pure genius only Scorese can deliver. Green Dragon's is best described as a symbiosis between a Hong Kong action film and a traditional crime thriller.

Based on true events from the 1980's, viewers are inclined to be empathetic to Sonny and Steven, who simply see themselves caught up with the wrong people as a result of pure desperation
Debuting at the Toronto Film Festival Revenge of the Green Dragons received mixed reviews though it was praised for its consistent action-packed nature.
Justin Chon stars as the films lead, a far cry from his role in teenage vampire flick Twilight where he played a clean cut school boy, however Justin handles the new role with expertise skill, proving he is one to watch on the Hollywood scene.

With Martin Scorsese executive producing and Ray Liotta staring alongside Justin Chon and newcomer Kevin Wu, Revenge of the Green Dragons offers promising viewing only time will tell if it proves to be a box office hit.