Movie Review: That's My Boy

13 Aug 2012

Think typical Sandler Happy Gilmore-style vibe

Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester and Vanilla Ice

If you’ve gotten to know me over the time I’ve been writing this column, you’ll know that I love any Adam Sandler movie. That’s My Boy has the typical Sandler Happy Gilmore-style vibe, with the added extra of a great supporting role from Andy Samberg (you’ll know him from the hit US TV show Saturday Night Live), who also co-wrote the flick.
The movie revolves around the dysfunctional relationship between a father and son who have only rekindled their bond due to some weird events. My favourite part was Vanilla Ice’s cameo in the last 40 minutes of the movie.
This flick has a few laugh-out-loud moments, and if you’re looking for a no brainer, this is it!