Movie Review: A Little Bit of Heaven

This rom-com is the story of the big C and finding love when you least expect it
Wednesday , 20 April 2011
Movie Review: A Little Bit of Heaven
A Little Bit of Heaven

Starring: Kate Hudson and Gael García Bernal

Its heart is in the right place, but somehow Kate Hudson’s latest rom-com doesn’t quite get the tears flowing or the heart fluttering. The story follows Marley (Hudson), a recently promoted ad executive whose life changes when she’s diagnosed with cancer. A nonbeliever in love, Marley’s life goes from the board room to a hospital room where she begins falling for her doctor (predictable), played by a rather dull Bernal, making it hard to believe he’s the same actor in The Motorcycle Diaries. But the real kicker is Whoopi Goldberg’s appearance as a sort of guard-of-the-gates-of-heaven character who grants Marley three life wishes. A chick flick ideal for days when you want to switch off. Otherwise, a miss.