Movie Review: Drive Hard

Movie Review: Drive Hard

18 Sep 2014

John Cusack and Thomas Jane star in a high-velocity heist thriller

Peter is an ex-Formula 1 racecar champ who’s traded a world of trophies and scorching tires for the safety of a steady job. But his life as a driving instructor takes an unlikely turn when he takes on unhinged pupil Simon Keller (John Cusack) – an armed robber hoping to pull off a multi-million-dollar heist.

When Peter (Thomas Jane) is abducted and forced to be the getaway driver, he must go into overdrive to save his skin. With both the police and the Mob in hot pursuit, the scene is set for a white-knuckle ride of epic proportions.

Peter and Simon just might have half a chance, if they can stick to the plan, move faster than the bullets being fired at them... and manage not to kill each other in the process.

Drive Hard is directed by Brian Trenhard-Smith, an acclaimed Australian filmmaker who Quentin Tarantino has cited as an influence, although he also made those Lephrechaun horror flicks from the Eighties, and you won’t find anything too groundbreaking here. Still, petrolheads will probably lap it up.

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