Movie Review : The Croods 3D

Cute animated flick set in the Stone Age voiced by Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds
Wednesday , 17 April 2013
Movie Review : The Croods 3D
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Starring: Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds
Another box office smash for 2013, The Croods came to me as a total surprise! If you want to take your little ones to the movies, look no further. The Croods follows the story of a pre-historic teenage cave girl Eep (Emma Stone) who, in the quest for adventure, sneaks out into the wilderness against her dad, Grug’s (Nicholas Cage) wishes. She meets a young explorer, Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who then helps the family get through the unthinkable challenges nature throws at them. Falling stones, shifting ground and flying trees make the 3D effects all the more alluring. One of the most entertaining, recommended movies this year.