Movie Review: Captain America

This hilarious action comedy is worth the watch
Monday , 24 October 2011
Movie Review: Captain America
Captain America

Starring: Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving

I’d heard about this movie from a good friend who’s also a comic nerd. I quote, “Oh Kris I’ve been waiting 12 years for this to come out.” At that stage I realised I had to re-think our friendship. I decided to watch this comic book-come-movie anyway, and was pleasantly surprised. The story line is about a weak 20-something year old guy who’s been trying for years to get into the army to fight for America and defeat Hitler. Due to poor health and small stature he always fails, that is until he’s injected with some type of serum that gives him power and strength. Captain America is born. Overall, I think Iron Man did it better, but not bad.