Movie Review: The Babymakers

Friday , 17 August 2012
Movie Review: The Babymakers
The Babymakers

Starring: Paul Schneider, Olivia Munn, Desi Lydic and Kevin Heffernan
In its first week at the box office, this was a surprisingly quiet achiever. Starring Paul Scheinder, The Babymakers follows a couple who are having trouble conceiving, so the husband sends his friends on a mission to steal back his ‘goods’ which were frozen years ago.
It’s a funny adventure flick that sees two best friends running around the country trying to get the goods back in time.
I felt like I was watching another The Hangover movie, which is a good thing in my opinion!
Directed by newcomer Jay Chandrasekhar, The Babymakers is a good flick to watch if you want to have a few laughs and escape the summer heat.