The spicy iftar favourite makes for a really delicious appetiser
Monday , 16 July 2012



2 eggplants
¹⁄³ cup tahini (sesame paste)
85g plain yoghurt
Salt, to taste
2 tbsp lemon juice
1½ tbsp pomegranate paste (optional)

Paprika, sweet red peppers, parsley, pomegranate seeds or walnuts

1 Grill the eggplants or heat over an open flame so that the skin blackens  and shrivels. Keep turning until the eggplants’ skin is soft all over and a skewer can easily cut through the vegetables. As soon as this happens, take them off the flame and then place in a bowl filled with cold water.
2 Peel the eggplants. Discard the burnt skin and put the pulp in a strainer to ensure that the excess water is removed. (If you have time, then leave the pulp overnight.)
3 Cut the eggplants into small pieces and then pound to a rough pulp.
4 As you add the other ingredients, make sure you incorporate them one by one into the mixture. First, add the tahini, then the yoghurt.
5 Now add the lemon juice and the salt to taste.
6 Place the mixture in a dish and smooth it out. Garnish with paprika, parsley leaves and wedges of sweet red pepper, pomegranate seeds and walnuts
7 Finish off with a dash of olive oil. Just like hummus, moutabel will keep for a couple of days in the fridge.

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