Moulinex's Super Soup Maker

Get soup-happy with it!
Monday , 09 July 2012
Moulinex's Super Soup Maker
Moulinex Soup & Co

A product that works should always offer one thing in abundance – simplicity. And this is where Moulinex Soup & Co really gets it right. The French manufacturer has launched an innovative automatic soup maker that allows you to create luscious homemade soups in less than 35 minutes.
The unit looks like the hybrid of a blender and kettle – it can make 1.8l (or six servings) of soup at a time, the heat settings range from 60C to 100C, and there’s 1,110W of power with five speed and pulse options. Your ingredients are placed into the unit, topped up with stock, and, once an automated programme is set, you can leave the room and return to flawlessly cooked soup that’s velvety smooth.
Soup & Co will also keep its contents warm for up to 40 minutes. The various options allow you to decide how coarse or fine the soup should be, and an inset basket enables you to keep certain ingredients from being blended during the process. The appliance also functions as a blender and can mix up sauces, smoothies, crushed ice desserts and creams.
Launched for Ramadan, when soup is always on the menu, the heated blender works well with Arabic recipes, such as lentil soup (Gourmet tried and tested), making this top of our Eid gift wish-list too. 

INFO: Moulinex Soup & Co is available from all major electronics retailers nationwide.

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