Most powerful passport in the world revealed

Most powerful passport in the world revealed

26 Oct 2017

Where does your passport rank on the list?

For the first time in history, an Asian passport has ranked first place on the Global Passport Index.

That's right, the world's most powerful passport is officially Singapore! 

The Global Passport Index ranks passports based on the number of countries that can be visited visa-free. Singapore ranks highest in the world, with its citizens being granted visa-free access to 159 countries.

The UAE passport is the most powerful in the Arab world, granting its citizens visa-free access to 128 countries worldwide. On the Index, the UAE comes in at number 26, not bad!

The 10 most powerful passports in the world are as follows:

  1. Singapore
  2. Germany
  3. Sweden, South Korea
  4.  Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, United Kingdom
  5. Luxemburg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal
  6. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, United States of America
  7. Austria, Greece, New Zealand
  8.  Malta, Czech Republic, Iceland
  9. Hungary
  10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

Alternatively, the 10 weakest passports in the world are as follows

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Iraq, Pakistan
  3. Syria
  4. Somalia
  5. Yemen, Bangladesh
  6. Sudan, Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka
  7. Lebanon
  8. North Korea, Libya
  9. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Palestinian Territories
  10. South Sudan

Want to see where you rank? Check out the entire list here.

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