Most popular faces!

22 Oct 2008

Soooo, life's not a popularity contest, eh? These stars would beg to differ...

Who are the stars that make the celeb-worshipping public start salivating at the prospect of some juicy goss about them? Forbes have done all the scientific research (so we didn’t have to!), and have come up with the Top 10 Most Popular Celeb Faces of 2008...

1 Angelina Jolie
Hardly a shock, but ANGE is numero uno in the popularity contest. Her diverse family (and speculation about where she’ll adopt from next), her relationship with BRAD, her body, her UN work and her movies ensure that Ange is the face we simply can’t stop starring at!

2 Jennifer Aniston
She’s the celeb gift that keeps on giving, and JEN'S fans will lap up any snippet of info about one of the world’s favourite stars. With a high likeability factor among her female fans, Jen’s love life is the hot topic we all get sucked in by!

3 Heath Ledger
Well-loved in life, Heath’s death has not doused his popularity. And new information about the star, who died aged just 28, is devoured by fans, who are still adamant that suspicious circumstances (perhaps involving MARY-KATE OLSEN) surround his death.

4 Jamie Lynn Spears
The artists previously known as ‘BRITNEY'S Little Sister’ became a megastar in her own right – but not for her career. Falling pregnant at 16 propelled JL into the big league, and the public’s thirst for knowledge about this teen mum shows no signs of abating.

5 Nicole Richie
Not everyone’s cup of tea, Forbes admit that while Nicole is not viewed as a very likeable celeb, her transformation in the public eye from drug addicted PARIS sidekick, to serene mother of HARLOW has been pretty incredible to watch.

6 Jessica Simpson
Since Newlyweds hit the screen, the dim blonde has held a bewildered fascination for the public. Whether it’s her tumultuous love life, yo-yo dieting, new country singer career or relationship with Dallas Cowboy, TONY ROMO, JESS FEVER
has kept us in its grip.

7 Suri Cruise
Narrowly beating SHILO, two-and-a-half-year-old Suri holds a fascination for fans, due to her Scientology upbringing and lingering controversy over mum and dad’s overly loved-up relationship. And at the newsstands, Suri beats TOM and KATIE hands down!

8 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
How many other two-year-old’s can capture the imagination like the world’s most beautiful celebuspawn? The jetset life of gorgeous Shiloh has proved time and time again, to be irresistible to us Hollywood devotees.

9 Heidi Montag
She may be the celeb equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard, but The Hills star’s constant push for the limelight (along with her fiance SPENCER PRATT), have left the public fascinated by what Heidi’ll do next.

10 Owen Wilson
He usually slid under the radar on the celeb circuit, but that dalliance with KATE HUDSON and his subsequent suicide attempt, means star-watchers have been devouring all the news they can find about 39-year-old OWEN.