Mossy's Fury

Kate's wasted round trip from UK to NYC leaves her fuming!
Monday , 24 November 2008
Mossy's Fury

Supermodel KATE MOSS was left fuming this week after flying in to New York for a modelling job - only to discover the shoot had been cancelled at the last minute.

The catwalk queen arrived at JFK airport on Monday when she was told the job for fashion monthly W magazine had been scrapped.

So, after stepping outside for a cigarette, Moss headed straight back into the departure lounge to catch a return flight to London - arriving back at Heathrow airport just 24 hours after leaving the U.K.

A source says, "She wasn't very happy at all. She was pretty annoyed that she'd flown all that way for no reason at all.

"There'd been a total mix-up and the shoot had been cancelled before she'd left London - but no one had told her, she said.

"So she had to turn around, change her ticket and go all the way back again on an overnight flight. She was very unimpressed and was heard complaining that she'd wasted two days and suffered a load of hassle and jet lag."

W magazine editors were reportedly charged with the $11,840 bill for Moss' first class flights.