Moss & the dosh that keeps coming

How come she's still got squillions!?
Sunday , 06 January 2008
No wonder she's laughing.
No wonder she's laughing.

Here's some news to cheer you up at the start of a working week. Supermodel KATE MOSS' assets rose by USD $4.4 million in just one year - despite losing out on seven big contracts between 2006 and 2007. OK, maybe not so cheery huh?

The 33-year-old snapped up a record 18 contracts worth millions after interest in her peaked following her drug scandal in 2005. But that figure dropped to 11 in 2006, with stars like Keira Knightley and Maggie Gyllenhaal taking her place on the billboards for brands such as Coco Chanel and Agent Provocateur.

However, the decline in the number of contracts and the bad publicity she received for high-profile relationship with reformed drug addict Pete Doherty failed to make a dent in her profits. Latest figures for her firm Skate Enterprises show its assets went from USD $8.8 million to USD $13.2 million in the year to February 2007.

Moss currently has a string of lucrative deals with Versace, Bulgari and Rimmel. Here's hoping she stays on the straight and narrow.