Morgan still recovering from car crash

Actor has damaged nerves in his hand following smash
Thursday , 17 December 2009
Morgan still recovering from car crash

MORGAN FREEMAN is still wearing a supportive glove 16 months after damaging nerves in his hand in a car accident.

The actor broke his arm and shoulder and suffered nerve damage in the crash, near his home in Mississippi in August 2008.

Freeman was sporting a glove on his left hand during a recent appearance on Jay Leno's U.S. talk show, prompting speculation he's yet to fully recover from the accident.

And experts tell Us Weekly magazine it could take years for his nerves to repair.

An insider tells the tabloid, "Morgan's left hand has nerve damage and partial paralysis from the accident, so he wears a glove to keep it from swelling."

Hand specialist Greg Balourdas adds, "Recovery of nerve function can take up to three years."

Freeman recently settled a lawsuit filed by the woman he was travelling with when he crashed. She sued him, alleging he was driving under the influence of alcohol.