More smugglers busted in the Middle East

You're not going to believe these latest attempts to smuggle prohibited goods
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 15 September 2015
More smugglers busted in the Middle East
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Two smugglers have made headlines this week for their attempts to smuggle illegal items into the Middle East.

Saudi customs arrested a man who attempted to smuggle 12 bottles of alcohol in the country via secret pockets in his trousers. Fahad Al Otaibi, the head of the Saudi customs between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, said that a customs officer became suspicious of a traveller, which led to him being searched. They managed to find 12 bottles of alcohol which were hidden in pockets that has been added to his pants. Saudi’s Sabq reported that the culprit wore a loose fitting traditional white thobe that concealed the bottles of alcohol.

Customs officials said he should have known that it would be difficult for him to walk straight and that skilled customs officers vehicle would easily notice him.

In a separate incident, a Zambian woman was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison after being caught carrying more than 4kg of illegal drugs in her underwear. The 42-year-old woman confessed to smuggling 4.5kg of drugs when she appeared in court last month and has been ordered to be deported after she has served her prison term. On top of that she was also fined Dhs50,000.

A police official said: “She was wearing a corset in which she had hidden some of the drugs. My workmate told me that she was even carrying more plastic bags full with cocaine in her underwear.”

The woman admitted she was carrying the drugs from Brazil to Zambia, in return for a $5,000 payment.

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