More Racy Pics of Prince Harry?

Party girl tries to sell snaps while Lady Gaga defends Hazza
Monday , 27 August 2012
More Racy Pics of Prince Harry?
Hazza's Vegas drama continues

Oh, Harry. Don’t you know that what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas? The rebel Prince found himself caught completely naked in a series of snaps taken in a Vegas hotel room and quickly sold to TMZ. They’re way too scandalous to be shown here, but Harry was photographed without a shred of clothing, hugging a naked woman while playing a game of strip-pool. Must be a Vegas thing...

Since the scandal broke last week, Harry’s been hiding out in the UK and one of the Las Vegas party girls who was cavorting with Harry in his Dhs30,000-a-night VIP suite at the Wynn hotel is busy selling her story, which reportedly includes more explicit pictures and mobile video footage!

The Mirror reported that the girl “is close to signing a broadcast and magazine deal totalling $1 million”. Plenty of people have come out defending Harry, saying he was just being a lad, but his most high-profile supporter is Lady Gaga! She tweeted, “Holy mother, Harry looks fit. Hope no one’s mad at him for that, I’m certainly not #RoyalsArePeopleToo.” Sorry Gaga, we’re afraid a few people are mighty mad at him for that.

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