Moody Posh's Miserable Mug

Smile once in a while, will you, Victoria Beckham
Tuesday , 31 July 2012
Moody Posh's Miserable Mug
Smile, woman!

She’s rich beyond her wildest dreams, has four healthy kids and is married to David Beckham. Yet pouty Posh Spice can’t crack a smile, even on a fun day out with her son. Poor old Romeo Beckham was probably looking forward to a nice day in Paris with his mum. “After a photoshoot and a spot of shopping, Victoria rewarded Romeo’s patience with a trip to the funfair and a ride on la grande roue [ferris wheel] to check out the views,” spilled a source to the Daily Mail, but glum Posh looked more like she was on her way to a Spice Girls reunion rehearsal. We know she’s supposed to hate her teeth but come on, Vic, smile a little. They can’t be that bad, can they?

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