Monte-Carlo Beach Club Shares the Spirit of Ramadan

16 Aug 2012

Bringing smiles to workers' faces with surprise iftar offerings.

Thousands of workers at Saadiyat Island broke their fast on Monday 14 August with surprise iftar refreshments delivered to them by Monte-Carlo Beach Club.

Truly embracing the spirit of Ramadan, the club, in collaboration with Al Ain Water and Tourism Development and Investment Company, delivered Arabic delicacies, fresh fruit and water to the workers at Al Saadiyat Construction Village. Adding a fun twist to the iftar celebration, the workers were also given the opportunity to win gift bags containing merchandise and a box of dates from Monte-Carlo Beach Club.

“The holy month of Ramadan is about giving and putting others before one’s self,” said Patrick Nayrolles, General Manager at Monte-Carlo, and expressed delight at the workers’ happiness. Now that’s what we call the spirit of giving!

INFO: Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat Island, 02 656 3500,

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