Monster truck crashes into road sign in Saudi Arabia

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ByShreya BhatiaTuesday , 18 August 2015
Monster truck crashes into road sign in Saudi Arabia

Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a driver whose trailer crashed into an overhead sign. The trailer was in an upright position and rammed into the sign, breaking it and almost throwing it off its foundation. Can you believe it?

This incident was caught on camera and went viral, with everyone commenting on the driver’s negligence and lack of road safety. According to reports, the driver was completely oblivious to the honking of surrounding cars, as well as the risk he put himself and other travelers on the road into.

According to reports, the head of the transportation ministry in the Eastern Province, Ahmad Al Yami, said that the police were immediately contacted after the incident took place.

The truck has been impounded and the driver had been summoned for questioning. According to sources, the driver will bear the cost for the damaging public property caused by this incident. Thankfully there were no reports of any casualties!

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