Monopoly Celebrity Edition

As Hollywood director Ridley Scott announces plans for a movie version of Monopoly, we predict the star players…
Wednesday , 26 November 2008

Free parking
Zac Efron
Since he ingratiated himself in with Hollywood’s elite, the High School Musical hottie has had a free ride. Life’s easy when you’re this pretty.

Second prize in a beauty contest
Heidi Montag

No matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be quite as pretty as LC, but inexplicably she still manages to rake in the cash.

Get out of jail
Khloe Kardashian
This lucky madam served just three hours of a 30-day sentence for DUI, because the real-life crims in prison were too darn scary!

Paris Hilton
The socialite is sure to snap up Princes Will and Harry’s local haunt, so she can try and pull one of them now she’s single!

Collect money from each player

Simon Cowell
The music mogul is more than used to making mega-bucks off the backs of his Idol wannabes. He’ll be the one raking in the dough from other players.

Parking fine
Hayden Panettiere
Tsk tsk, Miss Panettiere. She’ll have to pay up for parking her gas-guzzling Porsche Cayenne SUV in a No Parking Zone.

You have won a crossword competition
Jessica Alba
Finally, MiserAlba’s can be recognised for the inner geek she professes to be, instead of just a babe in a bikini!

Angel Islington
Amy Winehouse

Never venturing far from her Camden home, Amy will want to buy up the North London blue squares.

Speeding fine
Britney Spears

Brit may be on her best behaviour of late, but it doesn’t mean she can get away with flooring it in her white Merc. Pay up, young lady!

Advance to go
Sienna Miller

Bouncing from one relationship to the next, Sisi barely stops for breathe as she circles the block. Girlfriend needs to plant roots.


Victoria Beckham won’t be venturing far from the high-end designer boutiques.

Take a chance
Ben Affleck

The Vegas-lover is more than willing to take a gamble at any opportunity. Though we’re betting he won’t be telling his wife, Jen Garner!

Leicester Square
Josh Harnett

The Hollywood hottie is right at home treading the boards in London’s West End.

Street repairs
Donald Trump

Uh oh, this is going to cost The Donald a pretty penny, given that the mogul owns more than 30 hotels worldwide!

Go to jail
Nick Hogan

This little boy racer won’t be going very far in this game after his DUI charge, over a crash which severely injured his best mate.

Pay school fees

Brad and Ange are going to have to stump up big time for their ever-expanding brood. Educating six kids doesn’t come cheap.

Drunk in charge fine
Shia LaBeouf

Shia’s going to lose more than a little pinkie in this high-stakes game if he keeps up his reckless driving antics.