Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan

26 Nov 2019

@monakattan isn’t just another pretty face – she’s also the face of fragrance brand Kayali

•Stepping up as the face and leader of our fragrance brand, Kayali, has been a huge highlight for me. It’s been such an incredible learning already and I’ve been consistently challenged by our product development team as we develop new mixes.

•I look up to my sister Huda for the passion she has, the amount of hard work she puts into things and the alpha female she has become.

•Mistakes are always going to be made but you’re always going to learn so much from them! One mistake that is simple to make at the start of growing a company is hiring the wrong people. The people who work for you are the most important resource.

•Internally, we always encourage recycling and offer eco-friendly options around our office to make sure we’re constantly doing everything we can to protect the environment. We’ve also implemented a no paper policy for our meetings, and we organise all files digitally and airdrop to everyone in meetings to ensure we’re not wasting paper.

•We have organised an internal group of employees that are head up our sustainability efforts for the brands we own. For the first few years we were still figuring out how to build, grow and sustain a company. Now that we’re big enough, we’re reflecting on all of our processes, to make sure we’re always thinking about sustainability and how our work affects the outside world.