Mohammed Saeed Harib

07 Jul 2010


Animation moghul Mohammed Saeed Harib, 33, lives with his family in the home they built from scratch 15 years ago. It’s a two storey detached villa with five main halls, five large bedrooms, a huge garden and some rather spectacular décor-surprises.

“Our home has a very classic look to it from the outside. The main halls have a traditional French theme, but we tried to incorporate modern fabrics and pieces into the style to keep it fresh and updated. The rooms vary from the very classical to the ultra modern,” explains Mohammed.

Practical and beautiful was the brief for the recent renovation undertaken on several of the rooms, achieved in less than three weeks by their designer Loreta Bilinskaite. For the main areas everything was sourced locally, ❯❯

but for Mohammed’s bedroom, a masterwork completely unique from the rest of the house, it took longer to allow for the carefully crafted fittings to be shipped from Italy.

“It took months to conceptualise a room that could fit my personality,” he says. “I work with colors everyday and it was important for me to retreat to a place that is muted. We used a combination of charcoal grey stone combined with silver and black as the main colors of the room but introduced a variety of other shades through the use of accessories.”

The result is a bedroom that could have been pulled from the set of a blockbuster movie – the deep shag-pile rugs, lacquered surfaces, swiveling TV wall and the mounted fireplace scream Hollywood glamour. Perhaps, it is an indication of where the creative genius is headed next. “My advice to people looking to rejuvenate their home is, don’t be afraid to take risks and to try many things. At the end of the day, you have to be happy.”

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