MJ’s Mum Praises Debbie Rowe

05 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Family say she’s acted in ‘children’s best interests’

KATHERINE JACKSON's lawyer has praised MICHAEL JACKSON's ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE for her sensitivity over the recent custody case involving the late star's children - because she has put the kids' interests first.

Rowe is mother to Jackson's two eldest children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11. His other son, Prince Michael II aka Blanket, seven, was born to an unnamed surrogate.

On Monday a Los Angeles court handed permanent custody of all three children to the superstar's mother, with Rowe granted supervised visitation rights.

And Jackson's attorneys have praised Rowe's decision not to to fight for custody of her kids, allowing them to be brought up by their grandmother instead - in accordance with the King of Pop's last wishes.

Rowe, who divorced the late singer in 1999, will be granted access to the youngsters and will work with a psychologist to make sure the kids are happy with the arrangements.

Jackson's attorney Londell McMillan tells talk show host Larry King, "We arranged that she would have, under the appropriate type of supervision and care for the children, an opportunity to have visitation in a supervised manner, in the best interests of the children. And, quite frankly, as I've always said, this was never about money. It wasn't a money deal. And she deserves credit for that. Her lawyer deserves credit for that. And it's always been about the best interests of the children.

"We will be hiring - jointly hiring, with Deborah Rowe and Mrs. Jackson, we'll be hiring a psychologist who is going to assist the parties in determining what would be appropriate based on the children's needs and their developmental stages at this time.

"Essentially (they be meeting a stranger). They haven't seen her since they were very little."