MJ’s marriage certificate up for auction

12 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley document to go under the hammer

MICHAEL JACKSON and LISA MARIE PRESLEY's 1994 marriage certificate is the latest bizarre King of Pop keepsake to go under the hammer.

The couple was issued the document, which boasts both stars' signatures, following a 15-minute ceremony on 26 May (94) in the Dominican Republic.

The certificate will go up for auction at an estate sale in New York in January (10) - and auctioneer Philip Weiss believes it will be a high-demand item due to an increased interest in the Thriller singer since his death in June.

Weiss explains, "Anything relating to Michael Jackson is of extreme interest right now because of his untimely death and the release of the movie (This Is It), but when you have an item that combines his name and legend with the Presley name and legend - their marriage certificate no less - with both of their signatures on it, you've got something that's almost impossible to predict what it will bring at auction."

A portrait of Jackson by legendary artist Andy Warhol sold for $812,000 at an auction in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The King of Pop's highly-publicised marriage with Elvis Presley's daughter lasted until early 1996, when Lisa Marie filed for divorce.