Mixed Reactions Over UAE's Dream Island

It's been called the "new Ibiza", but not everybody is thrilled about the project...
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 02 March 2015
Mixed Reactions Over UAE's Dream Island
Dream Island doesn't have everyone excited

The news of a man-made party island in the Arabian Gulf has been met with mixed reaction by the public. Dream Island, currently being constructed in Ras Al Khaimah, is planning to build two major nightclubs, four beach clubs and approximately 100 restaurants, in order to rival party island Ibiza.

The island’s sales and marketing director George Saad said: “We're trying to make it the new Ibiza - a mini Ibiza dedicated solely to partying. People will be able to come here, stay in the hotel party at clubs on the beach, anything in the world you can do. And we are trying to attract festivals to come here.”

In fact, the island is already on show at the Dubai Property Show in London in order to attract British investors. However the four million square foot island, which is set to be completed in 2018, hasn’t got everyone excited.

There has been a massive online debate surrounding the new development, with one member of the public commenting: “Not a chance would this be a good idea. Does anyone know the vast quantities of drugs that are consumed in Ibiza? Masses of them.” Another member of the public felt that there are other developments that should be completed first: “Why don’t the developers finish the properties that are partially built on Marjan Island before starting new projects?” But of course, some partygoers are excited about the plans. “Nice idea. Ibiza is overrated anyway. The party crowd needs a new destination,” read another comment.

Are you excited about Dream Island, or do you think it’s one big mistake?

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