HE Ahmed Al Sheikh with Tom Cruise and Producers Bryan Burk and Rich Klein

Mission Impossible?

18 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Dubai film buffs say the city is set to welcome Tom Cruise

Dubai is getting into gear - and fast - with the cast and crew of Mission Impossible who are about to descend on the city. In a bid to confirm the final details of Tom Cruise’s mission to the UAE, his Excellency Ahmed Abdullah Al Sheikh, Director General of the Dubai Government Media Office flew to Prague where the movie is currently being filmed to discuss the big action blockbuster.

The blockbuster flick is being filmed in the Emirate for three weeks and the final details have been confirmed by film buffs in Dubai. “Dubai’s choice as a major location is due to various elements of strength that have played in its favour,” said Mr. Jamal Al Sharif, Director of Dubai Studio City.

“Dubai’s state of the art infrastructure and its various attractions distinguish it from other cities. Add to this a series of specific initiatives adopted by Dubai in the past ten years to enhance its filmmaking industry. This has helped it consolidate its position as the new hub for film in the region able to host major movie projects."

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