Miss England Alize Mounter Dishes to Ahlan!

The beauty queen spills her secrets
Thursday , 17 May 2012
Miss UK strikes a pose in Dubai
Miss UK strikes a pose in Dubai
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Alize Mounter, aka Miss England, is credited with being one of the most beautiful women on Planet Pageant. She earned England’s highest place in the Miss World contest for 15 years, coming fourth last November and winning the Beach Beauty round. She’s also landed the titles of Miss UK and Miss World Europe. During her recent trip to Dubai, Ahlan! tracked her down to discover what she has that other beauty queens don’t…

What’s your daily beauty routine?
I’m obsessed with my teeth. I brush them whenever I go out the door – three or four times a day! I also fill a bottle with water and slices of lemon and lime every morning to sip from. It’s refreshing but my friend told me that it also works as a detox.

What would be your desert island beauty must-have?
Vaseline – I use it for everything. I apply it to my lips, my eyelashes to make them grow stronger, and sometimes I rub it into a dry bit of skin. It really works and I think the cocoa butter variety is great.

How do you keep your hair in such great condition?
I use Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. I’ve got really fine hair but you can’t tell anymore – after just one wash, you see the results, it instantly thickens it.

Do you have any beauty sins?
I always squeeze my spots. My mum always says “Don’t pick your spots,” but I pick and I pick until it’s all out and scabbed over! It’s better than having a big lump on your face. I’m awful, if I see a spot I can’t leave it!

Any other beauty secrets you can share?
I’m not suggesting sun beds, but I think skin needs natural sunshine to give it a healthy glow that you can’t recreate, no matter how much bronzer you use! We don’t get much sun in the UK, but even sitting outside for five minutes for a boost of Vitamin D is good for you. But I always wear a high factor on my face when I go on holidays.

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