Mischa Barton Opens Up to Ahlan!

The former OC star dishes about her clothing line, her troubled past and her body image ahead of her trip to Dubai
Wednesday , 02 May 2012
The golden girl is back to her super svelte shape!
The golden girl is back to her super svelte shape!
Mischa says "who cares" about cellulite
Mischa says "who cares" about cellulite
The actress strikes a pose for her
The actress strikes a pose for her

We all know her as Marissa Cooper from The OC, but actress-turned-designer Mischa Barton has come a long way since those sunny California days. She’s fought a few demons (even being cited with driving under the influence back in 2007), dated a slew of rockers, including Luke Pritchard from The Kooks, and faced harsh criticism over her figure at times, but now she’s making waves as a fashion designer and it’s her growing career as a stylista that’s bringing her to Dubai this month. Mischa will launch her clothing line at Rivaage Boutique when it opens at The Dubai Mall on 9 May!

The UK-born, US-bred actress launched her collection of handbags in July 2008 in the UK and Europe and for Spring/Summer 2012 she’s introduced her first clothing line inspired by vintage finds and her own eclectic style. Before heading to Dubai, she’s  also opening her flagship store in London.

Considering that just a few years ago Mischa was making headlines for her cellulite rather than her career, she’s definitely on the up and up! More body confident than ever, last week she even walked the streets of LA in her underwear as the star of ex-Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher’s new music video!

Mischa dished to Ahlan!’s roving reporter about how she dealt with those infamous cellulite pics and her new career. 

A lot has been made of how you look –how do you handle the criticism?
All women have cellulite, don’t they?  I have nothing to be ashamed of. As far as the criticism goes, I come from a family where law, politics and economics are discussed, so I try not to worry about the rest. I try to look nice. I’m kind of lucky in that I can eat anything I want and I don’t have to pay too much attention to any of that – at least not at this stage.

You’ve had your share of troubles – how do you handle living your life under a microscope?
I think I do a pretty good job removing myself from that kind of damaging outer judgement but when something happens, you have to think about it because you’re responsible for your own actions. I find it’s just tough on my family which is more annoying than anything.

What about the mistakes you have made that have been well publicised, like driving under the influence?
I was young and it was an unfortunate and unfair situation. I was very little over the limit, but I didn’t have a licence and I had no right to be doing it so that’s that. My parents were furious and more than anything it’s just embarrassing and silly and I try to forget it. 

Tell us about your handbags. What kind of bags are in the Mischa range?
It’s basically all things that I would wear – everything from clutches to big bags.

Does it thrill you when you see fellow celebs toting your bags?
My company is a big deal to me. Really amazing people have my bags – like Sharon Stone. I’m a real fan of Kate Middleton so she would be my ideal person to have one next!

How hot are you on fashion?
Being on The OC, a show that was so fashionable, I learned a lot. My worst nightmare would probably be wearing the same thing as somebody else. 

Do you think that The OC was a positive show to be a part of?
As fun as it was and as cool as it was, it has spawned all of these reality TV shows like The Real OC and The Real Laguna and that’s gotten a bit out of control. So, for me, it’s funny because I feel like I aided the problem for young girls and that genre.

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