Mischa Barton with DJ Ali 'I'm not ready to be famous' Love

Mischa Barton dumped by boyfriend

22 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

“He wasn’t ready to be a celebrity”

Mischa Barton has been left heartbroken yet again. The OC star who moved to London to be with her boyfriend DJ Ali Love has been dumped and sent packing. And a source close to the couple said that it was Ali Love whose real name is Lee Tinklin who just wasn’t into her anymore.

The musician blamed Mischa's “fame”, what with all those blockbuster movie she’s signed up for. “He wasn’t ready to be a celebrity,” said a friend of the couple.

“He values his privacy and couldn’t deal with photographers following them around or the nasty comments people would make on blogs, so he told Mischa it would be better if they stopped dating.”

Too bad for Mischa who has packed her bags and headed back to LA.