Mischa’s Massive Hospital Bill

The troubled actor hits bottom dollar
Wednesday , 27 April 2011
Mischa’s Massive Hospital Bill
Mischa Barton

If things couldn’t get any worse for poor Mischa Barton, she has now been hit with a huge medical bill totalling more than Dhs295,000.

According to sources, the troubled actress, who has been plagued by addiction, weight and psychological problems, forgot to pay Doctor’s choice nursing for the mammoth bill and is now being forced to cover costs and legal expenses.

The reason why the actress accumulated such a huge bill is unknown but judging by her past experiences we can kind of guess why.

In 2007, she was charged with drink-driving and possession of marijuana and in 2009 was put under psychiatric care. She was kept under a 5150 ‘hold’ – the US equivalent of being sectioned.

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