Miriam Aldainy

This well-heeled high-flier ensures women’s feet are perfectly-shod
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Miriam Aldainy
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Launching my shoe line, Nour Jensen, has been a huge accomplishment. I’d like to think our beautifully crafted pieces are an exquisite balance of fashion and empowerment. 
My heritage is intrinsic to the range. This luxury label is a combination of heritage, love, art and culture; that’s why the first collection is titled Modern Arabesque. 
My multi-cultural background is a huge advantage. I’m half-Saudi, half-Swedish-American. I’ve spent my life between the US and Saudi Arabia, studying in Jeddah and San Francisco and living in New York, with memorable stints in Dubai. 
Why Nour Jensen? It’s a tribute to my mother, Kristen Jensen, but my father called her his ‘light’, his ‘nour’. It perfectly encapsulates the bridge between my twin cultures. 
The Cash & Rocket road trip from Venice to London via Geneva and Paris was an exhilarating experience. It was an all-female, star-studded convoy of branded vintage and luxury cars with participants like Christina Hendricks, Chloe Green, Jo Wood, Jodie Kidd and Valentino’s Maria Chiuri raising money for charity. 
My most prized possessions are the first samples for my debut collection; it was the turning point when my dream finally became a reality. 

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