Mind Your Manners at Tea

Corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant Patricia Gonzalez Cobos reveals how to make afternoon tea a social triumph
Friday , 18 May 2012
Mind Your Manners at Tea
Mind Your Manners At Tea

Do you know the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea?
The term “high” is often misused for those who want to make it seem exclusive and refined but the term “High” has nothing to do with the elegance of the meal. It meant that the tea meal was taken at a high dining table. This was to distinguish the meal from the afternoon tea taken at low tables as you sat on couches in London hotels. High Tea is a British supper of earthy foods, such as  sausages and meat pies, accompanied by a pot of tea taken by the workers after a hard day at work. Afternoon Tea or Low tea is an elegant tea meal, usually served in fine fashion and has several courses, such as savories and sandwiches, delicious pastries and warm scones accompanied with preserves and Devonshire cream. So if you go for a High Tea in a venue and you are served scones, jams and clotted cream, what they really mean is Afternoon Tea
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Tea Do’s
Do try a little of each course served at tea.
Do look into the cup of tea, not over it, when drinking.
Do wait until you have swallowed the food in your mouth before you take a sip of tea.
Do avoid spills, fill the teacup only ¾ full.

Tea Don’ts
Don’t touch your face or hair during tea time.
Don’t overload the fork with foods served at tea.
Don’t place any items on the table that are not part of the meal. Phones, keys and eyeglass cases don’t belong on the table.
Don’t reapply your lipstick at the table once you’re done eating.

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