Miley's Kim K joke just made our day!

Kim might not think it's funny, but we certainly do...
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 09 March 2015
Miley's Kim K joke just made our day!

Miley Cyrus has never been afraid to speak her mind, and while it's often landed her in hot water, it’s one of the reasons why we love her. Case in point – Kim Kardashian’s new hair colour.

Everybody’s been discussing the Kardashian’s new blonde locks on social media, but Miley took it a step further by photoshopping herself and Kim onto an image. She then posted it on her Instagram account, simply commenting “omg @kimkardashian.” Here at Ahlan! we don’t mind Kim’s new bleach blonde ‘do, but Miley’s clearly not a fan. While Miley’s 16.6 million followers reacted with LOL’s, ROFL’s and LMAO’s, Kim herself opted not to respond. Lighten up, Kim! Oh, wait - she already did… (See what we did there?) 

Here's the picture in all its glory...

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