Miley Cyrus Won't Let Go of Her Engagement Ring

Here's why Miley Cyrus has no plans of returning her engagement ring, even though it's "definitely over" between her and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus Won't Let Go of Her Engagement Ring
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has no plans to give Liam Hemsworth back her engagement ring

Miley - who is reportedly still sharing her Toluca Lake mansion in Los Angeles with Liam but sleeping in a separate bedroom - wants to hold on to her 3.5-carat Neil Lane diamond ring, even though they are splitting.

An insider told Us Weekly: "To give back the ring would be too permanent this soon. But they are definitely over."

Another friend claims that their relationship started to crack after they got engaged in June 2012 because Miley, who chopped off her hair and dyed it peroxide blonde in August, has completely changed.

The source said: "Liam always admired Miley's independence. But this was more like rebellion, and it freaked him out. She has undergone a complete personality change. She's basically thugged out."

The friend says Miley's attitude "was grating on him" before their split, adding: "He used to be obsessed with the way she would go wild. But it got more childish to him. He's growing up - and fast."

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