Miley Cyrus Will Premiere Artworks at NY Fashion Week

Popstar to showcase sculptures at Jeremy Scott show
ByNathalie ViranyiMonday , 08 September 2014
Miley Cyrus Will Premiere Artworks at NY Fashion Week
Miley's sculptures promise to be as funky as her stage shows

Miley Cyrus is stepping out of her usual musical comfort zone and into a new venture as an artist. The Wrecking Ball hitmaker will debut her first collection of art at a New York Fashion show on Wednesday,

The sculptures created by Miley feature neon-coloured objects made out of random things from plastic jewellery to teddy bears.

The artworks will premiere at the fashion show for Jeremy Scott's new line, with elements of her work also being integrated into the looks on the catwalk. The fashion designer, known for his colourful and fun ky creations seems like the perfect fit for Miley's freaky creations.

Commenting on her latest project, Miley tells V magazine: "Jeremy brought a lot of peace and self-worth to me because even though to some people, it was just me gluing some things together. And that's my goal in my life: to not die a pop pop dumb dumb... I can't. I will freak out... My fans will be into it, especially because I'm involving them. It's building connections with people. And I'll have my stuff on models - stuff that I'm excited for them to wear. I'm excited. And this is giving me happiness, so that's all I have to focus on."

Miley explained how she stepped into the world of art because of a down she was feeling at the beginning of the year: "I feel like my art became kind of a metaphor - an example of my life. Because a bunch of s**tty things kept happening... At the beginning of this year, I hated 2014 because everything that could go wrong kept going wrong. Being in the hospital, my dog dying... So then I started taking all of those things and making them good, and being like, I'm using it... That's how I started making art. I had a bunch of junk and so instead of letting it be junk, I turned it into something that made me happy."

The art exhibition, named Dirty Hippie, will move to the offices of V magazine in New York after the catwalk presentation.

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