Miley Cyrus caught on wild night out

Miley Cyrus on wild night out

02 Oct 2010

Why the 17-year-old can’t be tamed

Miley Cyruswas spotted dancing up a storm at a Hollywood nighclub, Voyeur on Thursday (September 30) night despite being underage. The 17-year-old was at the over 21 hotspot with friends and despite being flanked by security guards she was letting her guard down. Unable to be tamed the underage singer and actress has been causing a stir lately being criticized for being too raunchy and inappropriate for someone her age. So is she really not able to be tamed or is she just a teen looking to push the boundaries?

According to onlookers, Miley “was constantly smiling and seemed to be in great spirits.”

And despite revealing that the starlet “danced seductively while shaking her hips” sources say there was “no alcohol was in her presence the entire night”.

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