Miley Cyrus in Paris

Miley Cyrus is Retiring Her Tongue!

12 Sep 2013

We hope she's not lying to us, Miley Cyrus says she's going to put her tongue-out pose away for good!

Miley Cyrus is retiring her tongue (it's probably just had a burnout because of overuse by now!). The pop starlet is famed for sticking out her tongue in photos and on stage (most infamously during that performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards), but is getting bored with striking a rock 'n' roll pose and is planning to come up with a new look.

Speaking on French TV show Le Grand Journal, she said: "It's the new Miley tongue. I think people always take pictures of themselves and me doing it is just being myself so it's kind of like my style now ... [But] that's getting a little old. I'm going to have to retire it!"

Although Miley has an impressively long tongue, she revealed she can't touch her nose with it, no matter how hard she tries.

She lamented: "For as long as it is, you would think that I could touch my nose. I mean I've tried it, I can't, I'm so close. I wish I had more control of it, I can't do any tricks, no four leaf clover, nothing!"