Miley avoids stress for heart condition

Singer loves visiting small towns
Wednesday , 23 December 2009
Miley avoids stress for heart condition

MILEY CYRUS has opened up about living with her heart condition - she reduces her stress levels by evaluating every taxing situation to see if it's worth worrying over.

The Hannah Montana star has been diagnosed with tachycardia, which means her heart rate exceeds the range of a normal resting heart rate.

Miley’s condition isn't life-threatening but she insists she always worries about her heart while on stage or when stressed.

Asked how she handles her condition, she says, "I try not to get too stressed. I step away from the situation and put yourself 10 years from where you are now and then say, 'Alright, is this really something that is going to be significant in my life? Is this going to change where I'm going to be in 10 years? At my happiest moment, is this still going to be weighing on my mind? No?' Otherwise I'll just (worry) myself to death, where I'll just be like, I have to call, or I have to fix it, or I have to do this. Finally, it's just like it will all work out on its own."

Miley has also revealed that she seeks out small towns in every country she visits so she can socialise with people her own age without running into mobs of screaming fans.

The 17-year-old Disney star travels the world for her sell-out tours, and on her days off she loves to meet local girls and hang out in their favourite spots.

She says, "I really like travelling a lot so when I know it's going to be a travel day and I'm going to a new place, I really like that. I love doing a show then having a day off and then having another show because then I meet people.

"I'll see chicks come to me that are my age, and I'll be like, 'What's actually cool?' instead of asking somebody at my hotel that's like 50 what they think is cool! I wanna know what someone my age is actually going to think is cool and where they hang out. So we try and find the smallest and quaintest little parts of the town so we can hang out and have a nice time."

And her efforts to go unnoticed have foiled even the most devout Hannah Montana fans.

She adds, "I see my face on everything. The other day, I saw someone walk by me and they had my book, and a backpack and a shirt on. And they had no idea I walked by them."