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Miles Teller is Still Reeling After Hit Piece Last Year

21 Aug 2016

The Whiplash actor got a lot of negative press after and unflattering article was published about him

Miles Teller faced a lot of backlash last year for an interview he did with a leading magazine that went viral. The hate got to the point where the actor had to tweet that his depiction in the article, “Couldn’t be more wrong”.

The journalist who wrote the piece called Miles a string of abusive names. Savage. Now, a year after this story was published, the Divergent actor reveals he has become a lot more guarded in interviews. The star stresses he’s not the person the media may make him out to be sometimes and wishes to be judged purely on his acting. Teller explained that he’s developed a thicker skin since that piece, and isn’t affected by anonymous people online. Justin Bieber could learn a few tips from you, Miles!

“If someone wants to do a hit piece, they’ll do a hit piece. In that case, the reporter had her mind made up long before I showed up” explains Teller.

Miles Teller doesn’t have time for gossip though!

“I will defend the person I am through my actions. People can make of it what they want” concluded the star.

Now that’s the classy way to deal with hate!