Michael Kramer

04 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

The UAE’s biggest advocate for solar energy

A lawyer at Taylor Wessing and the legal counsel who sits on the board of the Emirates Solar Industry Association pushes for environmental friendliness. His little car is clean and – figuratively and literally – green.

You drive a Tazzari Zero. Tell us about this tiny green motor.
The Zero is environmentally friendly by being emissions-free. It does not even have an exhaust. It drives electrically and the electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. My intention has always been to drive it with self-generated solar energy. Once that is achieved, then the Zero will drive truly emissions-free.

Explain your passion for solar energy.
We are blessed with a virtually unlimited supply of solar energy and yet we are hardly making use of it. That is a shame. The UAE could be at the forefront of using solar energy for driving cars, powering air conditioners and desalinating water, all of which is now done by burning fossil fuels.

So what are you doing to achieve this?
I have started a discussion about a legal framework for the introduction of solar energy in the UAE. I am happy this is being discussed on a political level, with ADWEA and DEWA showing interest in involving the public in renewable energy generation.

What are your goals for 2013?
I have applied for permission to install solar panels on our roof at home. I want to use the solar energy I will generate for powering my car and also, in part, our home.

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