Michael Jackson Is Father Of Tom Cruise’s Son!

12 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous - Is this the most MJ claim yet?

A woman alleging she is the biological mother of MICHAEL JACKSON's children has come forward with the outrageous claim she and the late King Of Pop conceived TOM CRUISE's adopted son.

On Friday, Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise filed three petitions for guardianship of Jackson's kids, Prince Michael, Paris and seven-year-old Prince Michael II - the kids she maintains she gave her former husband Jackson, "who is now deceased".

And this week, Fields Cruise shocked reporters with the bizarre new assertion she and the singer are the parents of Connor Cruise, the Top Gun star's 14-year-old son.

According to Fields Cruise, Jackson didn't want the child because of his skin colour, so he gave the little boy to the actor and his then-wife Nicole Kidman.

Speaking outside the Los Angeles Superior court, Fields Cruise told journalists, "(Jackson) has always known (he is Connor's father). He voluntarily gave him up for adoption. He was very happy that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman wanted his child. He did not want his own child because of the colour of his skin."

Fields Cruise then went on to declare she did not give birth to Jackson's three children, but instead donated the embryos to surrogates.

She added, "I did not donate eggs. Surrogate mothers gave birth to them. I conceived them in my body and they were safely removed from my body. There is technology that is in existence (to make that happen)."

She also named the three different men she insists are the real fathers of Jackson's three kids - but Julian Bleecker, who Fields Cruise says is the father of Paris, has already dismissed her story, branding it a "ridiculous accusation".

Fields Cruise's custody challenges are the latest to rock Jackson's estate - the parentage of Paris came into question on Sunday when the Thriller icon's old friend, actor Mark Lester, told a British tabloid he could have fathered the girl after previously donating his sperm to the singer.

Jackson was previously sued by a woman named Billie Jean Jackson, who claimed she was the mother of his youngest kid, who is also known as Blanket.

She also grabbed headlines during Monday's estate hearing, when she declared in court, "I'm Blanket's mother... I would like all proceedings in the estate to be halted until a forensic scientist looks at signatures on the will because I believe they were forged."

The judge told Billie Jean that Prince Michael II was currently in a guardianship and that the court would address her claims on 10 September (09).

The Jackson family settled a custody battle with the star's ex-wife Deborah Rowe - mother of the two eldest children - earlier this month, just before a Los Angeles judge awarded the King of Pop's mother, Katherine Jackson, permanent custody of the kids.