Michael Cinco

The couture designer who's dressed both royal brides and the queens of the entertainment world
Monday , 21 March 2016
Michael Cinco
• The past 12 months, I’ve met with the families of royalty and heads of state across Asia and Europe and discussed the bridal concerns of their family members. I recently did the wedding dress for the daughter of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
• It’s of great personal significance that I also did the costumes for actress Mila Kunis in her Hollywood blockbuster Jupiter Ascending and Christina Aguilera wore my couture gown in The Voice finale. I dressed Kylie Minogue for her concert in Dubai, Jennifer Lopez for the opening of the 2015 American Music Awards and Lady Gaga for American Horror Story: Hotel, for which she garnered Best Actress at the Golden Globes. 
• Travelling invigorates me and keeps me abreast of what’s new and what’s happening around the world. I also believe it helps to keep me grounded.
• The best lesson I’ve learnt in life is that there is dignity in labour. I’ve worked my way up. There is no ‘secret’ to success, other than that you work for it and have to have big faith and confidence in yourself – do all this and all things are possible.
• I greatly admire my mother for her resilience and goodness of heart, and she’s given me a good piece of advice: “Dream big, work hard and be home before the sun sets.” 
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