Michael B Jordan Talks Oscar Buzz, The Wire & Fruitvale Station at Dubai International Film Festival

The award winning actor spoke to Ahlan! while in Dubai
ByJJ AnisiobiTuesday , 10 December 2013
Michael B Jordan Talks Oscar Buzz, The Wire & Fruitvale Station at Dubai International Film Festival
Lights, camera, action: Michael B Jordan with Ahlan! News Editor JJ

He has gained critical acclaim for his role as Oscar Grant in the hotly tipped Fruitvale Station, but when Ahlan! caught up with him at the Dubai International Film Festival he remained as grounded and laid back as some of the characters he has portrayed in his career. Michael B Jordan is definitely a star to watch out for and the 26-year-old looks set for big things in 2014 with a leading part in Sylvester Stallone's new Rocky-offshoot, Creed, and a rumoured role as Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four

When you started preparing for the role in Fruitvale Station, was it traumatic? 
It’s one of those roles where like it could have been me. I looked at him like myself. He was the same age as I was, he was from Oakland, he is from the inner city, with the same type of experiences of feeling trapped, feeling like you don’t have a way out. So when the opportunity presented itself to play that role I kind of felt it was my responsibility to go ahead and tell my story through him and give him a little bit of his humanity back that was lost in the whole trial process. Whenever something like that incident happens the person becomes every bad thing they ever did in their life or he becomes this perfect person and neither one of them are true. You know, he is a flawed human being as we all are and I kinda saw that story that way.

There is an Oscar buzz around you now. You feel pressure? 
No, because I don’t let it get to me, man. It’s like one of those things where it’s like, it’s not like I do it  for the accolades. I mean it’s cool to be in the company of people that I respect and love and that I look up to. Yeah, it’s flattering man. It’s really flattering I mean, I am a human being, of course you want to win an Oscar. It’s my first film. It’s my first lead role. So I just feel like you keep doing the hard work and things will come as they come.

You’ve already been in a few big things though, like The Wire and Friday Night Lights. 
I’ve been blessed man. I can’t really say I got to choose roles. I just kind of happened to be part of some really good shows and some really talented people and I grew as I got older with my work at the same time. It’s not like I got too much too fast. It’s always been kinda like gradually growing.

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