Melissa George and Russell Simmons Dating!

Is it a publicity stunt?
Wednesday , 10 August 2011
Melissa George and Russell Simmons Dating!
Russell Simmons and Melissa George

Struggling Australian actress Melissa George has gone public with her relationship with fashion mogul Russell Simmons leaving many to believe it’s a publicity stunt to boost her career.

The 34-year-old was first seen smooching with Kimora Simmons’ ex-husband at a football game in New Jersey last week, despite Melissa still being married to her husband of 11 years Claudio Dabed. And while she is yet to comment on her marriage, Russell and the actress officially went public during a charity event in the Hamptons.

Yet, with a nine year age gap, some sources are speculating the relationship is a stunt to put the flagging actress in the spotlight and raise her profile – despite having minor roles in several US movies, Melissa is still best known for her 1990s character Angel in Home And Away.

This wouldn’t be the first time Melissa has gone to the extreme for publicity. Desperate for success she once posed naked in Playboy, yet that didn’t help much either with her movie debut coming three years later.

A source said, “Melissa George and Russell Simmons made head turns – and not just because of their unabashed PDAs – when the suddenly (and quite unexpectedly) loved-up duo made their public debut as a couple over the weekend at a Hamptons charity event hosted by the hip hop mogul… This is one coupling we’re pretty sure no one saw coming. Least of all George’s husband…”

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