Mel Told Scary Birth Stories

29 Dec 2008

Former bandmate frightens her

Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE CHISHOLM is nervous about giving birth to her first child - because ex-bandmate MELANIE BROWN has frightened her with hospital horror stories.

The British singer is expecting her first child in February, and is the last of the Girl Power troupe to become a mum.

But despite the star's excitement about her impending parenthood, she has heard terrible tales about having a baby - from mum-of-two Melanie Brown, known in the band's heyday as Scary Spice.

However, the star insists she has not been put off - and the rest of her bandmates have offered her the support she needs.

She tells UK magazine Reveal, "The girls are really excited and supportive. I've seen quite a lot of them lately, except Victoria, obviously, because she's out in L.A. a lot.

"Mel B has been talking me through all the fine details of giving birth and has told me loads of horror stories. Well, she is Scary isn't she? So I suppose it's her job to scare me a bit."