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Mel B Has Debuted A Shock New Hair Style - See It Here

06 Jun 2018

Fans have compared the Spice Girl's new look to Barbie

Mel B debuted a shock new look on America's Got Talent last night... a Barbie blonde hair-piece, that has divided fans and her fellow AGT judges. 

mel b america's got talent agt blonde hair wig

Simon Cowell had to double take when he arrived on set with the Spice Girl, prompting her to ask, "Do I look that different?" 

The Mr Nasty judge just continuted to star, which clearly annoyed Mel B, when she asked again, "What's your problem? Either you like it or you don't!" 

To end the awkward conversation, Simon Cowell said, slightly sarcastically, 'I love it!'

mel b america's got talent agt blonde hair wig

Fans, however, are divided.

Some have tweeted their support...

Others have vocally spoken out against it... 

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