Megan Joy Mileham

The CrossFit queen, calisthenics coach and all-round fitness guru
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Megan Joy Mileham
Megan Joy Mileham
  • I feel like I’ve grown more in this last year than ever. A few years ago I learnt how to overcome serious injuries, I taught myself how to handstand, how to do muscle-ups, the splits, run 15km, an d all these epic fitness milestones. But this last year hasn’t been about new physical achievements. My achievement over this last year is evident in my growth, my mental space and my self-awareness.
  • Highlights of the past year have definitely been getting my yoga teacher certification, releasing my e-book on strength and balances, adopting a vegan lifestyle, and becoming the studio manager of F45 Dubai Marina.
  • The UAE has definitely got a very special place in my heart. My family have been here since 1995 and it’s my home! I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up along with the UAE.
  • Progress doesn’t have to be huge to be inspiring, it’s that small sign that you are headed in the right direction – that’s what keeps me headed down that path.
  • During this next year I’m excited to continue changing lives through the work we do at F45 Dubai Marina. Personally, I hope to push my fitness to the next level, diving deeper into functional fitness, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, my cardio endurance and discover more about what I’m capable of!