Meet Fashion Star Tilda Lindstam

Tilda Lindstam is making her mark on the fashion industry, landing major campaigns and taking the runway by storm. One of the faces of the latest fragrance from Chloé, she chats to us about her life, loves and style essentials
Wednesday , 20 November 2013
Tilda Lindstam
Tilda Lindstam

Discovered by a model scout at the age of 11 in her quaint hometown of Boras, Sweden, Tilda Lindstam is a model on the rise. Shes a face to watch in the fashion industry, appearing in countless campaigns for major international designers including Chloé, Valentino, Celine, Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu to name a few, she’s a major face on the international catwalks, with a flawless personal style to match.  At only 20 years old, her vibrant personality and downtown-girl style make her the ideal fit to be one of the faces of the newest Chloé fragrance, Roses de Chloé. Already a staple in the world of fashion with an incredible career ahead, Tilda shares with VIVA her insider beauty secrets, experiences in the industry, and thoughts on the Roses de Chloé scent. 

1. Beauty To Me
It might be a cliché but happiness shines through more than anything. What I can’t live without though is lip balm! My lips get really dry in winter. I also always carry blotting paper for the crazy hot New York summer.

2. The Chloe Woman
To me Chloe represents a very simple kind of beauty, it is all so wearable. The Chloé woman is confident and has a certain ease to her way of acting and her look. I think everyone can recognize themselves in her. She is the simplicity we are all striving to be.

3.Career Focused
I have been modelling properly for about 3 years now, everything and everyone keeps surprising me.  Especially when you realize how much sweat, blood and tears there is behind all these beautiful creations!

4.Laid Back Style
My style is pretty hard to define, it's really a bit of everything. Most of it is vintage, from all eras in time. My basic pieces would probably be my black Rag and Bone jeans and a pair of vintage loafers, coloured socks as well!

5. Pretty Smart
I like to read. If you have a good book with you, it is the easiest way to disconnect from the craziness going on around you. I love disappearing into the worlds of Ernest Hemmingway and John Irving. I think that is the best and only way to find time for yourself.

6. The Power Of Scent
To me perfume means happiness, lightness, life. I think the smell needs to remind you of something. Something that gives you the same feeling as the way you react at the comfort of other people’s fragrance or smell.

7. Romantic Rose
My grandmother has a beautiful rose bush at her country house, so the flower has always reminded me of happiness and freedom. Any scent from nature makes me feel free. Roses de Chloé is young, fresh, seductive – wearing it is not really like wearing a regular perfume. It blends in so naturally, and instead of taking over, it just adds onto you natural scent and personality. It’s a little lighter than the original scent, still just as fresh and alive.

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