Meet The Parents!

03 Nov 2009

Taylor Swift takes home boyfriend Taylor Lautner to meet mum

TAYLOR SWIFT is taking her relationship with reported beau TAYLOR LAUTNER seriously - she introduced her mum to the TWILIGHT hunk during an intimate dinner date.

The two Taylors have fuelled speculation they are an item after they were spotted embracing during a night out at a hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets at the city's Staples Center on Sunday.

The pair, who both star in upcoming movie Valentine's Day, have insisted they are "just friends", but Swift sent gossips into a spin after setting up a meeting between the actor and her mother, Andrea.

The trio was spotted dining at swanky restaurant Bistro Garden in Studio City, California earlier this week - and the singer's mum seems to be taken with her daughter's alleged boyfriend.

A waiter tells, "The three of them sat together in the main dining room. He seemed a little nervous at first but the young lady kept smiling at him and soon he appeared to relax.

"They (Swift and Lautner) smiled a lot and kept looking at each other, but they weren't holding hands. They definitely looked like a couple in love though."