Meet January Jones' New Man

Things are getting serious between January Jones and director Noah Miller
Monday , 27 August 2012
Meet January Jones' New Man
Check out the cosy couple

January Jones still hasn’t officially spilled about who the father of her little boy Xander is but she's not hiding the new man in her life. She’s just been snapped holding hands with filmmaker Noah Miller.

The lovebirds, who met because Noah is her director in new flick Sweetwater, didn’t try to hide their relationship as they walked around Santa Monica with Xander and the nanny close behind.
He appears to be her first love interest since becoming a mum 11 months ago. She’s kept the identity of the father secret since she announced her pregnancy in April 2011 and has been raising Xander as a single mum.

Her last known boyfriend was actor Jason Sudekis, who she dated for seven months in 2010 but they split shortly before she fell pregnant. She previously had relationships with singer Josh Groban from 2003 to 2006, and a three-year romance with Ashton Kutcher, but we’re seeing major baby daddy potential with Noah!

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